The VIVID story.

With the ever-changing landscape of how we consume and engage with media, traditional production services are being left behind as they fail to adapt to faster content and tighter budgets. VIVID's purpose is to stand strong in the face of these changing tides, specialising in high-level media, delivered within days.


Projects completed

Since opening our doors in early 2019.


Reach of content

Across our clients various campaigns.

Taking flight.2019

VIVID launched in June 2019 with the intention of disrupting the content and marketing industry in New Zealand.
Freddie started the business out of a spare room at home and has since moved office to facilitate new staff and greater capacity for work.

VIVID's initial reputation for outstanding content was built here and set the stage for the next  chapter of the agency.

The Original VIVID office located at home.

Location. Location. Location.2020

VIVID moved out of home and into their new office at the Historic Boat Sheds in Orakei with views looking out over Remuera and the Auckland City Skyline. They have used the space to edit hundreds of projects, host hundreds of meetings and have even set it up as a makeshift photo studio.

Paddy Foss and Indrabott Romnea joined the team in 2020 allowing VIVID to produce more content than ever possible before.

A shot of the current VIVID office in the Historic Boat Sheds in Orakei.

A fresh coat of paint.2021

After crossing into our second year we decided it was time for a new look and a fresh perspective! We relaunched VIVID, reimagined with a new logo, colour scheme and brand new website to further reflect the sophisticated direction in which we are heading.

The Updated 2021 VIVID Creative branding

New office.
New outlook.
Bigger team.2022

Three years in, Wow time goes by fast. With our team growing we packed up shop and moved to the bustling Ponsonby district to our brand new offices, complete with a stunning view of the Auckland skyline.
We picked up a few new guys along the way. Our latest editions to the VIVID team include Sam Collins, our creative production associate and James Finnigan our social media manager.

Rules we live by at Vivid.

Quality is Key.

No licensing fees... EVER.

We will tackle any project, no matter the size.

Production House

An exciting & positive work environment is a productive one.

We love to innovate.

We'll go above and beyond for you. No questions asked.